Hiking During Mosquito Season: Stay Bite-Free

Nature lovers are sure to be aching to get back out into the woods when the spring and summer seasons hit, all prepared to return to fishing, camping, and hiking. Of course, there are other things ready to get back into the woods, too, and that is mosquitoes. They’ll be coming back out when the weather begins to warm back up, and if you want to enjoy nature without being bitten by mosquitoes, you have to keep them in mind, as well.

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Luckily, you can take some steps to keep the bugs off of you while you are on your camping or hiking trip. Think about some of these options and incorporate them into your next outdoor adventure.

Wear long clothing when possible. Mosquitoes love finding bare skin to land on so they can try to get a bite in, but you can drastically reduce their chances by wearing longer clothing, such as long-sleeved shirts and long pants.

Use bug spray! You can find all sorts of different bug sprays in sporting outlet shops and even in big box retail stores. These sprays can be great ways to keep the bugs away from you.

Use natural solutions to get the bugs off. You can also take advantage of things you have around your own home to make a bug repellent of your own. Mosquitoes hate certain smells, such as citronella and lemongrass, so making up some homemade repellents to take with you might be a great way to help keep the bugs off.

These options will be great to help you out in the middle of the woods, but if you end up dealing with a lot of mosquitoes around your own yard, you might want to think about getting in touch with mosquito control company in Garner professionals so you can have at least one outdoor area that is free of mosquitoes and other pests.